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Thanks for tuning in or turning up for Yabun 2022.

HUGE thanks to all the artists, dancers, Speak Out panelists, our deadly MC's and stallholders, all the legendary volunteers and crew who help bring Yabun together. Massive thanks to all our sponsors for having our backs.

See you all again next year.


Any contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.


Yabun Festival is the largest one-day celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in Australia.

It takes place annually on the 26 January in Victoria Park, Sydney.

In 2022 Yabun celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Yabun Stage

12.10PM - The Donovans
12.55PM - Marlene Cummins
1.40PM - Sounds of Freedom
(featuring Vic Simms, Nadeena Dixon
and Johnny Huckle)
2.35PM - Col Hardy
3.20PM - Loren Ryan
4.05PM - Pirra
4.50PM - Stiff Gins
5.35PM - Kobie Dee
6.20PM - Shakaya
7.05PM - Coloured Stone

*Due to COVID restrictions, the Yabun Stage took place in the Everest Theatre at the Seymour Centre and was livestreamed from yabun.org.au.

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Corroboree Ground

12.40PM - Open and Welcome
1.25PM - Yaba Kerker Otaba
2.20PM - Buuja Buuja
3.05PM - Gawura
3.50PM - Koomurri
4.35PM - Special Guest
5.20PM - Gomeroi Dance Company
6.05PM - 100 Women Dancing
5.35PM - Kobie Dee
6.50PM - Ngaran Ngaran
8.00PM - Sunset Ceremony

* at Victoria Park, open to the public
and livestreamed from yabun.org.au

Speak Out

Legacy Panel Trailblazers reflect on the enduring impacts of their work and contributions to community
Col Hardy
Vic Simms
Ester Carroll
Shirley Lomas
w/ Nancia Guevarra

Inheritance Panel A discussion with some of today’s emerging leaders exploring the work they do, standing on the shoulders of those that came before them and blazing new trails
Marc Sutherland
Loren Ryan
Kobie Dee
w/ Naomi Wenitong

Yabun Panel An exploration of contemporary blak music. Where it’s come from, the challenges and opportunities of today, and what will the next 20 years sound like?
Bunna Lawrie
Marlene Cummins
Nardi Simpson & Kaleena Briggs
w/ MC Munk
* Livestreamed from yabun.org.au

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